What is Dekstasy

All of us adore spinning records, that we’re DJ’s, but let’s confront it, keeping two tracks perfectly synced isn’t consistently simple. Believe what you can do with a can or you turntables playing at all in perfect time, once. Perhaps throw in an 808 or a 303 running the exact same beat off. And wouldn’t it be nice to not need to carry every record you should play tonight?

Electronic DJ Software

DeKstasy is for all degrees of DJs — it’s simple enough to get a beginner to work with, and rock stable enough -hour dawn set. Don’t be misled by the fact this is free software. The product was imagined and created mainly for live performances. With
Import and encode tracks from records or Audio CDs, or just import preexisting MP3s.
Examine a file’s BPM and make a precise beat trademark for AUTHENTIC beat matching.
Play tracks on four decks that are virtual, all at the same time and all totally synced up.
Visually set the mixture up without worrying concerning the synchronization of the tracks, letting you remain concentrated on the mixer rather than on the decks.
Arrange all of your tracks into Records and virtual Crates.

Audio Program Functionality

With DeKstasy, we’ve concentrated on making the straightforward jobs easy, while enabling the master to gain access to state-of-the-art software to sound apparatus channel management, MIDI out, external sound source, and much more like a beat trademark editor, automatic synchronization.

Why are we DJ applications that are different than all those other applications?
Constructed to be crash evidence.
Accurate automatic beat finding, and strong instruments to ensure perfect beat on truth.
MIDI sync output signal, to help you blend in the output signal of other hardware (e.g. a 303) or applications (e.g. Cause) and blend in YOUR OWN BEATS!!
Real time waveform screen, in order to see when the mixture is over… you get the point where you happen to be in the tune when that break is coming up.
Dekstasy is Altivec Enhanced to reach maximum functionality.