Optimizing Your DJ Sets and Audio Files for Search Engines

Music is a crowded business these days and Electronic Dance Music has become ever more popular. Everyone with a smartphone (which is everyone) is continuously recording new media and DJ sets. They post their new tracks on social media and other various websites that host music or video files. Optimizing your music files is important so they get the most exposure.

Audo File Waveform

Most SEO and artists alike don’t realize SEO isn’t always involving text, and that is a mistake some site owners make. You want to think about every component of the site, and that is going to include things such as audio files. If you are setting up a site that is going to have these files, how are you going to help it rank if you are ignoring them outright? You want to think about this as soon as you can.

Here are the tips that are going to help you maximize your SEO campaign when it comes to your music and audio files.

1) Name Files With Keywords

You want to start by naming the files a specific niche-related name. You want people to know what the file has to offer and then relate it back to a keyword. So, if you are setting up a music file that is played by a particular band, you want to mention this in the name. Don’t ignore this and assume people are going to know what you are talking about. It is not about people; it is about search engines and what their bots are looking for. They are going to read those file names to rank your site.

2) Stay Consistent with naming conventions

As a DJ we typically remix, feature, and collaborate with many other DJ for our sets. We spin epic uplifting tracks because we love the music, not because we want the credit for the music. To make sure we are giving credit to those we work with, we need to set up some structure.

A good naming structure is typically “Artist” – “Song name.” Sometimes you may have someone featuring in a song so be consistent for example,”Artist feat. artist” – “Song name.” This will give the user and the search engines a simple way to organize and structure your data. The artist or DJ you are featuring or remixing their song needs to be accredited as a song collaborator so make sure you do not forget. You will also want to make sure the properties of the audio files are filled in with title, contributing artist etc. Providing data is always a good thing.

Audio File Optimization for Search Engines

3) Integrate With Social Media

You want to make sure these files are being linked through various places such as YouTube  Make sure you have your lyrics transcribed and added into your YouTube video as well. This will help the video itself rank because Google will be able to read the transcription. Also add annotations and other links to your videos to move people from Youtube to your website. These are just a few ways to incorporate music into video using YouTube search engine optimization techniques.

Another place to upload your audio files directly is to Soundcloud. This is another social media account where you can share your tracks and users can find them without you directly sending them the links. Optimize your Soundcloud page so users can share, like,  comment  and find your website if they enjoy your music. This is going to help bolster the usage of these files and give you real value.

You are going to see new traffic coming in from all over the place, and that has a lot to do with social media. There are many other platforms you should use but these two are the biggest on the market right now. You want to get those links up and then spread them through all of the accounts. It is going to help you get to where you want to be.
These are tips that are going to be simple to implement and will get you the SEO results that you are after. Sure, it is not going to happen overnight, and you are going to take time to learn the ropes, but audio files can be optimized. They are going to bolster the site and help get it to the top of the niche. Make sure you contact an SEO agency if you would like to further optimize your website.

Whether it is a simple music file or a general audio file, you want to look into these tips, so the files are prepped to rank. The last thing you want is to keep going back to do them later. Get them done as soon as they go up once the implementation has taken place. This will help your DJing career and get you more exposure online.